Warm Reception as Library Reopens

Its been a long two weeks for Redding without the use of its comfortable living room.

The furnace at the Mark Twain library malfunctioned and the building had to be closed during the coldest weather we have had this winter. Collections had to be removed to guarantee their safety. Even the book return slots had to be sealed to keep the cold outside air from making the situation worse.

Reddingites were concerned about the safety of one of our favorite gems. Many felt lost without the centerpiece of Redding life.

Board President Jennifer Wastrom, Library Director Beth Domminiani and their team worked tirelessly to protect our treasures while working with suppliers to get the furnace replaced.

After a chilly couple of weeks, the doors of the Mark Twain library opened today.

The parking lot was constantly full with residents coming and going to return overdue books – fines were waived during the closure. They happily used their cards to take out new books and movies.

Coffee, cocoa and cookies were offered as a small celebration for customers today.

It may have been a day off from school, but local high school students used it as a study day for midterms. A quartet of Barlow students expressed their relief that the library was open for them to gather and study together. Hayden Beach, Melissa Kontogiannis, Kate MacDonald and Grace McDonald said that they always study at the Mark Twain library. The young women thought the library was conducive to learning together and the environment was really pretty. And, it didnt hurt that they were able to get hot cocoa and cookies.

A different kind of seniors were using the computers. Long time Reddingite Richard Mullins said that he missed the library terribly. He remarked that it was impossible to really appreciate what we had until it was gone.

Beth Dominianni said that she was grateful to the community for their patience and support. She thought it was lovely so see so many community members come in to visit on the first day.

Click here to donate to the Mark Twain library to help allay the costs of the new furnace

Circulation Assistant Ken Rietschel displays the donation box for the Furnace Fund.