Vote No: Budget must serve ALL Residents

As a Redding resident for over 35 years, I care about and support Redding.  But I also believe a town budget should serve all of its residents.

From a peak in 2008, enrollment in our schools has declined 33%, with a projected further decrease of about 38 students next year.  Over that time, the school budget has continued to increase.  Yet, in the past two years, the Board of Education ran surpluses of over $800,000 and $600,000, respectively.  I don’t understand how a further increase can be justified.

A small town like Redding has limited funds.  If the schools get a larger share, the rest of the town (our roads, the Mark Twain Library, Park and Recreation, Heritage Center, health and human services) get less.

I urge voters vote NO on the budget referendum!  Our taxes should work for all residents!

Rose Tamura
41 Sullivan Drive