Senior Tax Credit

by Susan Winters

The town of Redding offers two tax benefits for seniors: the Local Senior Benefit and the State Homeowners Tax Credit. The Local Senior Benefit is a tax credit offered to Seniors who have met the following criteria:

  • Are 65 years of age.
  • Have lived in town for three years prior to receiving the benefit and have paid real estate taxes.
  • Maintain the legal residence/domicile in Redding and occupy their home at least 183 days per year.

For more information on this benefit and the CT State benefit, please click here.

Redding Tax Assessor John Ford has provided the following information: Out of 3118 total households in Redding, 755 use this credit. The benefit is calculated at 20% of the average residential assessment multiplied by the mil rate.  Last year the benefit amount was $2,504, so each of the 755 received the same credit no matter what their income or tax amount.

Efforts were made to make some revisions to the ordinance just a few years ago.  The proposed changes were turned down at a town meeting. The committee studying the benefit at the time decided not to propose a means test.