Revolutionary War Reenactment

Friends and Neighbors of Putnam State Park celebrated the 240th anniversary of the Revolutionary War Camps in Redding on Saturday with a full day encampment and activities for visitors. The winter encampment of George Washington’s continental army, having been ordered to winter quarters in what is now Putnam Park, faced very harsh conditions in the winter of 1778-1779.

Saturday’s weather, after a night of rain, proved more amenable, with some sunshine and a cold breeze. Revolutionary War reenactors from four states engaged with visitors, giving tours of their campsites including information on cooking and living during that time. They presented drills and artillery demonstrations which culminated in a final “battle” reenactment as the British troops skirmished with the continental units on the hill.

This year also marks the 130th anniversary of Putnam Memorial State Park. For more information on opportunities to be involved visit or search for them on Facebook.

A “muster and drill” for children is always a popular activity at Putnam Park’s reenactments.

The finale was a skirmish between reenactors representing the two sides in battle.