Redding Police Department Police Activity

Burglary / Criminal Mischief on 10-18-18.
A resident called to report that a vacant house that she owns on Redding Road (RT.53) was broken into, although there was damage from the entry. There was nothing taken.
Under Investigation.

Domestic Dispute / Assault on 10-20-18 .
Husband / Wife Domestic Dispute
Arrested: 35 yo male
Charge: Assault 3rd Degree  / Written Promise to Appear / Court Date: Was on 10-22-18

Crisis Intervention on 10-15-18
A 49 year male reported that he wanted harm himself. After being interviewed by officers, he was then secured in the Ambulance and then transported to Danbury Hospital E.R. for an evaluation.

Crisis Intervention om 10-20-18 on Ethan Allen Highway (RT.7)
A women staying at the Days Inn reported that her 12 year old son walked off into a wooded area behind the Inn, because he didn’t want to stay at the Inn anymore. After a brief search of the area by officers he was found unharmed.

Identity Theft / Fraud on 10-20-18.
A Ridgewood Drive resident reported being a victim of Identity Theft.
The resident received a bill for $431.84 from “King Size” Clothing Retailer.
He stated that he did not open an account with the Clothing retailer. Under Investigation

Fraud on 10-15-18.
A Wayside Road residence reported that she was scammed and sent $3600.00 via Fed-Ex Priority.
A person claiming that they were a Sergeant in a Police Dept. said that her grandson was involved in an accident causing injury to another person therefore $3600.00 was needed to bond him out of jail.
Under Investigation.

Fraud on 10-21-18.
A Foundry Road resident reported that someone stole a check and attempted to cash it for $1200.00. It was eventually declined at a bank. There is a suspect , but there are no further details at this time.
Under Investigation.