Redding 11U Travel Team Wins

by Mike Dobbins, BGCRE via Facebook

They made it 4 wins in a row by beating the undefeated Norwalk 11U travel team with a come from behind victory in the 6th inning. Norwalk jumped out with a 2 run lead in the 1st inning. Redding was on the board with a run scored by Logan Kady in the 2nd inning with an RBI single for Jack Gilbert. Jackson Sobelman would than score in the 4th inning with an RBI single for Cooper Rotondo. The lead didn’t last as Norwalk scored 2 in the 4th inning and 1 in the 5th. Redding was down by 3 runs going into the top of the 6th inning.

The inning started with our #12 batter Connor Houlihan hitting a single. Norwalk than walked our next 2 batters loading the bases for our #3 batter Lachlan Ellis. Norwalk didn’t feel safe letting him hit so they opted to intentionally walk him narrowing their lead to 1 run. Up comes #4 batter AJ Cordani to hit a bases loaded 2 run single. Hoping to turn a double play Norwalk intentionally walked our #5 batter Logan Kady loading the bases again. Norwalk was able to strikeout our #6 batter bringing Jack (Moose) Gilbert up to bat with only 1 out. Coach Rotondo turned the Moose loose and Jack hit one into the gap scoring another run. Redding had the Norwalk team in a tail spin. They changed pitchers 2 more times in the inning walking the next 3 batters. Redding scored a total of 7 runs in the top of the 6th inning. Lachlan Ellis was brought in for the final inning trying to hold the lead. Under just a little pressure he walked the 1st batter. The 2nd batter hits a line drive down to 3rd base and was caught by Kyle Dobbins for out #1. Batter #3 hits the ball to 2nd baseman Cooper Rotondo for out #2. Lachlan was in the zone and struck out the last batter for out number 3 and the win. Just a few highlights. They win, lose and play as a team. That’s the secret!