Who’s Who in Redding Government

Town Government

Town Hall is located at 100 Hill Road, P.O. Box 1028, Redding, CT 06875  203-938-5012


First Selectman
Julia Pemberton (D)



Margaret L. (Peg) O’Donnell (D)
Michael Thompson (R)

Alice Smith, Executive Assistant to First Selectman

Registrars of Voters

Joanne L. Perlman (D)     Amy F. Alcott (R)

Deputy Registrars of Voters (Appointed)

Mary Beth Gilbert (D)
Laura Hoeing (R)

Tax Collector

Patricia J. Moisio (R)

Town Clerk

Michele R. Grande (D)
Kerry Miserendino, Deputy (Appointed)


Wes Higgins

Finance Director

Steve Gniadek, Finance Director
Lori McHale, Accountant 
Krista Gramer, Accounting Clerk 

Board of Finance

Kimberly A. Yonkers (D), Chairman
Ward J. Mazzucco (R), Vice Chairman
Jamie Barickman (D)
Susan Clark (U)
Robert Dean (D)
Edward Miller (D)


Planning Commission

Planning Commission

Toby S. Welles (D), Acting Chairman
Anda E. Cumings (R)
Steven Gagnon (R)
Nancy E. King (D)

Commission Alternates
James E. Bacon (R)
Clairann Matzke (R)
Regina O’Brien (D)

Historic Review Committee
Raymond D’Angelo – Chair
Anda Cummings – Secretary
Matthew Lecher
Sherry Karraker – alternate
Jean Taylor – alternate

Board of Assessment Appeals

Greg E. Stackpole (R), Chairman
Margaret B. Esten (D)
Frederick (Rick) V. Miller, Jr. (R) 

Charles Bachmann (R)
Joanne L. Perlman (D)
1 Vacancy (R)

Zoning Commission

Gerald L. Casiello (R), Chairperson
Amy L. Atamian (D), Secretary
Matthew Lecher (R)
Theodore S. Ogonek (R)
Paul Scholl (D)

Gary Miyashiro (R)
William Whitehead, Jr. (D)

Zoning Board of Appeals

Elizabeth F. Williams (D), Chairperson
Jill H. Cilo (R)
Noel F. Cooke (R)
Scott Smith (D)
Jenifer J. Wyss (R) 

Daniel W. Barrett (D)
Trevor Ernst Furrer (R)


Board of Ethics

David M. Lewson, Acting Chairperson
David Anderson
Andrew Carman
Joan DeSalvo
Richard L. Emerson

Commission on Aging

Karen DeFriesse, Co-Chair
Ingrid Heller, Co-Chair
Samuel E.M. Crocker
Rosalind Kopfstein
Janet P. Metzger
Lea Mintz
Hilda Rhodes
Elizabeth Wagner
Jean L. Whitham

Jean Rexford
2 vacancies

Conservation Commission

David R. Pattee, Chair
Stuart H. Green
William M. Hill
Tina M. Miller
Wallace G. Perlman
Susan Robinson


Parks & Recreation Commission

Kevin Jones, Chairman
Ronna Brier
Mary Lou Carlson
Jan H. Dorenbosch
Scott R. Palmer
Kate Schwartz


Water Pollution Control Commission

Richard A. Regan, Chairman
Daniel (Todd) Eubanks, Vice Chairman
Amy L. Atamian
David R. Pattee
James A. Miller
John M. Fisher
Vacancy (Planning Commission member)

Plant Manager
Eugene Burke
(203) 544-7017


Director of Health

Lawrence D. Liebowitz, M.D.

Health Officer

Doug Hartline

Emergency Management

Co-Directors: Doug Fuchs & Doug Hartline
Deputy: Stephen Schnell

Housatonic Mental Health Representative

Angelica Fontenez

Building Department

Shaun Donnelly, Building Official

Inland Wetlands/Zoning Enforcement

Aimee Pardee, Zoning and Wetlands Enforcement

Park & Recreation

Rob Blick, Park & Recreation Director
Laura Anderson, Director of Recreational Programs
Mary Jo Dix, Director of Extended Day
Sarah Ewud, Assistant Director of Extended Day
Debbie Clark, Administrative Assistant

Land Use

Jo-an Brooks, Land Use Coordinator

Public Works: Highway Department &
Transfer/Recycling Center

Jeff Hanson, Dir. of Public Works
Peggy Palmer, Administrative Assistant

Heritage Center

Angelica Fontanez,
Director of Human Services

Ruth Moran
Senior Center Program Coordinator

Social Services

Angelica Fontanez
Director of Human Services,
Municipal Agent for the Elderly and Veterans Services Contact

Zoning Office

Aimee Pardee, M.A., Zoning/Wetlands Enforcement Officer

Tree Warden

James McNamara
Deputy: Sean McNamara

In Hartford

Dannel P. Malloy

State Capitol
210 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106
(860) 566-4840


Lt. Governor
Nancy Wyman

Secretary of the State


State Comptroller

Attorney General

State Senator

Toni Boucher

Toni Boucher

Senate District 26 (R)
Committees: Education, Finance Revenue and Bonding, Higher Education and Employment Advancement, Transportation
5 Wicks End Ln
Wilton, CT 06897-2633
(860) 240-0465

State Representatives

Will Duff

Adam Dunsby