Police Activity

Redding Police Department

  • 9-24-19 /  Disturbance at Days Inn (Rt.7)   The owner of the Days Inn reported an unwanted person (Male) on the property and wants him removed. Officers responded , located the person and then drove him to a location in Bethel.
  • 9-29-19 / Disturbance Poverty Hollow Rd.   Report of a verbal argument between a bicyclist and a vehicle operator.   Vehicle operator had left prior to officers arrival. A license plate given by bicyclist did not match the type of vehicle reported.
  • 9-26-19 / MVA no injuries Great Oak Ln. at the driveway of the Highway Dept.   A  dump truck of a private contractor made a delivery to the Highway Dept. drove away and accidentally took down wires, a utility pole at the intersection of Great Oak Ln. /Highway Dept. driveway.   Cl&P, Frontier and Cablevision were notified.
  • 9-2 Rd. 6-19 / MVA  Route 53 / Diamond Hill   Vehicle # 1 & Vehicle # 2 were driving southbound on Route 53. Vehicle # 2 slowed to stop and was then rear ended by Vehicle # 1.  Operator of Vehicle # 1 was given a verbal warning for Following to Close.
  • 9-27-19 MVA / RR Station Parking Lot on Longridge Road.   A Redding resident reported that someone had struck his vehicle, while it was parked at the RR Station Lot.   There was minor damage to the vehicle.
  • 9-26-19 MVA / Chalburn Road near Topstone Road.   A resident called about a person walking around a vehicle with a light on Chalburn Road. Officers discovered that the person had a minor MVA near # 48 Chalburn.