On the MAR(c)KS

Checking in on the Redding Police Department
with Chief Mark O’Donnell and Captain Marc Deluca

In the months since Mark O’Donnell and Marc Deluca became Police Chief and Captain, respectively, there have been many changes in the department. All has gone smoothly, thanks to the great communication and friendship between the two men.

Having grown up in Redding, Deluca cites the mentorship of young police officer O’Donnell as one of the reasons he wanted to join the department. Later, the men honed their ability to work together when they were President (O’Donnell) and Vice President (Deluca) of the local branch of the Police Union.

Not long ago, there was a lot of uncertainty in the department. Former Police Chief Fuchs was on administrative leave. Captain O’Donnell had to juggle his own responsibilities with keeping the status quo in the rest of the department. Budget cuts called for reducing personnel, the SRO (school resource officer) at the middle school needed to be changed to an SSO (school security officer) and day to day challenges needed to be dealt with. The police department was basically “fighting fires” as they arose.

Now that Chief Fuchs has retired and Mark O’Donnell has officially taken the helm as Police Chief, things are settled down and are working efficiently. All four of the sergeants in the department applied to be promoted to captain and were tested rigorously. O’Donnell said he would have been happy with any of the four. Mark Deluca was offered and accepted the spot as Captain.

Morale is up, thanks to two men with (almost) the same first name.

One of the first things that Chief O’Donnell did was to give ownership of several responsibilities to each of the three remaining sergeants (the department will work efficiently with 3. The space vacated by Deluca will not be filled with another sergeant) Sgt Pete Quinn is now in charge of Patrol, Sgt Tim Succi takes care of Support Services and Sgt Chris McManus is in charge of logistics and the vehicle fleet. Like a family, each person who works at RPD knows their responsibilities and takes pride in their completion.

Luckily, none of the staff had to be laid off. Officer Anthony Signore became the School Resource Officer at Joel Barlow High School. He will work as a regular officer during school breaks and the summer. Officer Chris Vadas has been been reassigned from SRO at the middle school and is now on the regular rotation. SSO Curt Molnar is now serving at the middle school.

One of the community service changes instituted this year: “Shop with a Cop” was replaced by “Blue Santa.” In the previous program only one or two families were helped with holiday needs and gifts. With Blue Santa, many more families were reached as well as a few of the elderly in town.

The Redding Police Department now has a Value Statement:

  • We care about the well being and success of every person
  • High standards are a way of life, we pursue excellence in everything we do
  • We make a difference in the community we serve
  • We empower our people to make decisions hat improve their work and benefit our community and organization

The revamped police department website has many links to help the community find what they need.

Chief O’Donnell and Captain Deluca encourage the community to get in touch directly if they have a matter to discuss. The general phone number is 203-938-3400. Their emails, as well as the email for each officer, is also linked on the website.