National Charity League Seeks New Members

The Redding Area Chapter of National Charity League (NCL), a well-respected, nationally run mother-daughter membership organization, encourages Easton and Redding girls in the following classes to apply for membership: JBHS class of 2022 (currently 9th graders), JBHS class of 2024 (currently 7th graders) and the JBHS class of 2025 (currently 6th graders). The other classes are full at this time. But, NCL will announce openings for additional classes every year, should spots become available.

The youngest membership class in the group is always the incoming 7th grade. And, the duties of members conclude upon high school graduation.

For more than 90 years, NCL has been developing women leaders through volunteerism. NCL teaches girls about the importance of working with local charitable organizations to build better communities. If you are interested in charity, leadership, and cultural engagement, please do reach out.

The selection process is a blind one, accomplished by lottery. However, an application is required. Please know that class sizes are limited by national membership by-laws, however. Not all applicants are assured a spot.  Interested parties should reach out before November 8. We look forward to meeting you all. For more information, please contact: