Local Rep called out for mocking colleague

On Thursday, CT House Representatives settled in for another long night. As cable network CT-N documented, Rep. Doug Dubitsky, R-Chaplin, was asking questions about the Trust Act. Anne Hughes, the state representative from Easton, Redding and Weston, was one of several who walked behind Dubitsky in acts of disrespect.

Hughes glared at her colleague, and one point put her hands on her hips- with an expression showing her annoyance with Dubitsky’s method of extending the debates with repetitious questions.

House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz, D-Berlin, and House Minority Leader Themis Klarides, R-Derby opened the House of Representatives on Friday with a firm dressing down.
“When we disagree on the issue we disagree without being disagreeable and it’s not personal,” Aresimowicz told the chamber Friday that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

Klarides said later on Facebook, “Serving is an honor and we will not tolerate disrespect of the Connecticut General Assembly.”
She added, “Being elected to the Connecticut General Assembly is an honor and a privilege. We are entrusted by the people of Connecticut to uphold the Constitution, respect the reverence of creating legislation, preserving democracy and protecting the people of this great state. While political parties might clash at times it is essential that we forever value each day we serve the State of Connecticut and creating legislation that will impact the lives of millions.”

Hughes told hello, NewsCT, “We were bored. And walked behind Rep. Dubitsky who prides himself on keeping the ‘conversation’ going for hours. Frustrated by the repetitive questions and comments over multiple days of categorizing CT citizens as fraudulent and especially condescending to women. I apologize for any disrespect experienced. I am still committed to representing the whole community in our district with a fair and equitable budget, support for good, equitable education, and resources for aging in place.”

Representative Raghib Allie-Brennan was also visible walking behind Dubitsky although he said that activity behind other reps was common. Allie-Brennan claimed he was merely helping a colleague by moving a plant from the caucus room to another location.

Allie-Brennan said, “It was never my intention to disrespect anyone. I take the role very seriously and as a freshman legislator I’ve introduced bills that have been passed, been appointed to House Leadership positions and still spend every opportunity I have meeting and exchanging ideas with my constituents. I am committed to the role of State Representative and I am grateful every day for the opportunity to serve.”

The other side of the aisle is not immune to childish behavior. Earlier this week, a New Milford Republican chewed on a straw during a debate over a bill to phase out the use of plastic straws. This was also seen on CT-N.
Aresimowicz said he’s the judge of decorum in the chamber and will be speaking with everyone involved in any pranks.

Hughes’ response to a constituent who contacted the representative to complain about her behavior” included, “By the way, I apologized to Doug. We’re cool.”