Local Business Clinical Massage and Sports Therapy Super Star

Chris Kieras has the magic touch.

This former Marine and Redding resident is the owner of US Sports Therapy specializing in Clinical Massage.  He is trained to evaluate and help athletes with performance techniques to prevent injury and also provides therapies for both athletes and non to get back on their feet after an injury or surgery.

I was frustrated with my slow recovery after my total knee replacement in April. After 4 months of Physical Therapy- double the average- my knee still refused to straighten. I felt like the tin man needing his oil can.

The muscle groups around my knee were tight bands. The stress on my other knee and on my back was very painful. I was fatigued from the strain and couldn’t stand for more than 10 minutes.

Chris Kieras was recommended to me as someone who had worked with people with my kind of injury. I was concerned that he wouldn’t take me on because I wasn’t an athlete. I envisioned him working in the corner of a sweaty old gym, barking orders like a Marine Sergeant at Boot Camp!

I filled in the comprehensive information form with trepidation and sent it to Chris before our first appointment.

I was surprised to pull up to a charming building not far from the Westport Train Station.  Up the short flight of steps (good practice for me!) to a lovely and serene waiting room. Chris’ wife, Maria Kieras shares the space for her wonderful Day Spa.

The three treatment rooms are lovely. Chris built the interiors himself. They are comfortable and not at all clinical.  And, certainly not a sweaty gym… although full disclosure: there is a gym on the second floor of the building where Chris works with athletes on technique.

Once I was settled on the comfy treatment bed, Chris got to work. He is intuitive and knowledgeable, having trained extensively in his field. He was able to determine that scar tissue was the culprit and started a deep massage to the area. I could feel a difference almost instantly. We’ve also discussed some dietary changes to help along my healing.

Chris gave me a routine to do daily and we still have a lot of work to do together. But, now I am feeling confident instead of frustrated about my full recovery.

I give Chris Kieras my highest personal recommendation!

At US Sports Therapy, Chris specializes in:

  • Injury Prevention: Movement analysis and new techniques to perform without the risk of injury
  • Sports Enhancement: Discover your inner strength with performance techniques to take you to the next level
  • Injury Recovery: Therapies customized to your specific needs to return to flexibility and mobility
  • Training: Specialized programs to enhance performance to reach your specific goals

Us Sports Therapy Of Westport | 38 Franklin Street | Westport, CT 06880