Listening Session

The Redding Board of Education help a listening session at the Mark Twain Library on Thursday night. The purpose was to hear from the public about  items they felt were of importance before the new budget was formulated.

About a dozen residents attended. The Board of Education was on hand to answer questions, as well as Superintendent of Schools Tom McMorran and Assistant Superintendent Stephanie Pierson Ugol.

Items covered included communication and budget drivers. Dr. McMorran spoke frankly about the needs and wants for the schools and the drivers that would make the budget number rise, even if nothing was added.

Enrichment was discussed at length. As a pullout, the Enrichment class will most likely not be reinstated but parents were assured that the students were receiving enrichment from their classroom teachers.

ALL Reddingites are invited to attend the budget workshops to become informed on the upcoming budget. Please come to meetings to listen and make your thoughts heard during the Public Comment segments. Board members are also accessible by email. Videos of meetings, minutes and the budgets themselves will be available on