Letter to the Editor Sogofsky more qualified

As reported in the August 4th edition of Hello Easton, Ira Kaplan states: “Dunsby told him that they were looking to fill the spot with another Republican.” This is inaccurate. First, “they” includes Bob Lessler, the Democrat selectman. Second, I simply informed Mr. Kaplan of state law. If the Board of Selectmen did not make an appointment to fill the vacant seat, it would go to a to a committee of elected officials of the same party as the resigning selectman. In this case, Republican.

However, the reason Mr. Kaplan was not appointed is because Kristi Sogofsky is more qualified. Kristi has lived in Easton since 2011. In that time, despite working full-time and raising young children, she has served as co-president of the PTA, as the chair of the Library Board, and as the chair of the Library Building Committee. Mr. Kaplan, despite living in town for twenty years, has no public service to Easton.

Kristi Sogofsky takes concrete steps to improve the lives of Easton’s citizens. Mr. Kaplan talks about a national call to action—whatever that means—and is clearly not focused on Easton’s families. That is why Kristi Sogofsky is a selectman and deserves to be returned to office in November.

Adam Dunsby