Injured Naked Man Identified

Redding Police have confirmed that the man involved in the bizarre incident on Route 7 has been identified as John Rodas, 34, of Gardiner, N.Y. Conflicting reports also state that Rodas resided in Norwalk, CT.

On Sunday, July 7, Rodas was a paid guest at the Days Inn on Route 7. Although the hotel is listed with a Ridgefield address, it is actually in Redding.

Photo: John Rodas mug shot from an earlier arrest in 2015

Rodas was smoking crack in his room in the early hours of the morning. At some point he left the room naked and started to wander around the surrounding woods. He then laid down or collapsed on the side of the road.

At approximately 9:15, there was a normal early morning rush hour traffic on Route Seven.

A pickup truck driver, Wilson Puente, 57, of Ridgefield, told police he was driving south by the Days Inn when he saw what looked like a dead deer on the side of the road.

Puente said he slowed down to look at the object, when he realized it was a naked man who was later identified as Rodas. The naked man jumped up from the ground and then tried to get into Puente’s truck but the doors were locked. He then jumped into the bed of the truck.

Puente called 911 while he continued to drive down Route 7.

Rodas jumped from the truck in the vicinity of Precision Motor Cars in North Wilton. He hit his head on the ground and is still in critical condition in Danbury Hospital.

Since wasn’t injured in Reddng, the Wilton Police are investigating that portion of the investigation. Redding Police are investigating any subsequent evidence in the room at the Days Inn.The Ridgefield Police Department are not participating in the investigation

Rodas has a history of criminal activity in Norwalk and Fairfield.

He has not been able to be questioned by police.

More on this story as it unfolds.