Hello Bethel: Chamber of Commerce Director Stepping Down

Bethel Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Heather Hansen O’Neill has announced that she is stepping down from her position. She has been with the Chamber for two years.

When asked why she was moving away from the directorship, O’Neill explained, “I have met my goals.” One of those goals was financial: O’Neill reduced expenses and overhead, and she created systems that better apply fundraising to make the entity more viable. “Financials have improved quite a bit.”  O’Neill is also proud of the educational opportunities the Chamber now offers its members. Last year, a four part entrepreneurial series for small biz owners gave insight into how to grow their businesses. This year, a financial series is on offer.

The Chamber is currently accepting applications for the Director position. O’Neill emphasized that the role requires a lot of time, as well as passion for the town of Bethel. “The Chamber of Commerce has always done a lot for the town, and I know that will continue. It encourages business growth and provides resources. I know that it will continue to bring a lot of growth and expansion to the town.”

If you are interested in applying, please email your cover letter and resume. If you have questions, call the Chamber at 203.743.6500.