Helen Keller’s home

Historical Society of Easton, CT via Facebook

Circa 1951. Arcan Ridge on Redding Road in Easton was home to Helen Keller from sometime in 1939 until her passing in 1968. This is a direct quotation taken from a December 12, 1939 letter from Ms. Keller to her friend Lenore Smith describing her new home. Please take the time to read the entire quote, it says volumes about the special sensitivities of its author who was blind: “We have never loved a place more than Arcan Ridge. It is a Colonial house surrounded by meadows, woods, brooks, and the old New England stone walls you will remember. I am especially delighted with my study which has spacious book shelves, thirty-five cubby-holes and windows hospitable to the sun. Above all, there is seclusion essential to literary endeavor. The landscaping will be started in the spring, we came here too late to do anything about it. Sometime you must come, Lenore, and see everything for yourself and walk with me through the pasture where Polly, Herbert and I go every day with the dogs. The smells here are glorious, and Polly says the atmosphere is fairly blue with blue jays.” Polly was Polly Thompson, her companion after the death of Anne Sullivan, and Herbert was Herbert Haas, her live-in handyman and chauffer. Please like us & keep following as there will be more to come!! This post replaces the one from yesterday that displayed a photograph that had been mislabeled (not by HSE) as being this home. The land didn’t look quite right, so after looking at architect Cameron Clark’s original drawings, I was able to post the correct image of the Arcan Ridge house.