From a candidate Mark Lewis

On Tuesday, I am your clear choice in the Democratic Primary.  My 11 years on the Region 9 Board of Education, which is also a Board of Finance and my service on the Board of Finance this year make me the most experienced and qualified candidate in the race.

My record of

  • nearly perfect (at least 204 of 208 Region 9 Meetings) attendance on the Barlow Board
  • attendance at Democratic party functions and service as Party Treasurer for 10 years and as Chair of the Party for the past two years
  • making all the Board of Finance this year

stands in stark contrast to my opponent’s lack of commitment to Redding and the Democratic party. He has:

  • missed over 50% of his Board of Education meetings over the last two years alone
  • rarely participated in Democratic Party activities.

My record shows that I have been and remain committed to:

  • the Democratic party
  • a Redding that is welcoming to all
  • the preservation of our open space
  • supporting our wonderful library
  • maintaining and enhancing our great schools
  • our fair senior tax credit
  • working for responsible budgets and moderate taxes.

In the past few years we have faced

  • a 30%/392 student decline in k-8 enrollment that is projected to decline another 4% next year
  • over 1.4 million dollars in unspent funds in the BOE budget in last two years
  • questions about accounting practices that are being investigated.
  • an overdue debate over how the decline in enrollment should impact the BOE budget which is down an inflation adjusted 8% over the past 10 years

I have shown that I have the clear judgment and commitment to responsible budget practices that will keep our outstanding schools great and control spending.  My opponent has instead advocated the elimination of the Board of Finance and improperly using a reserve account to shift funds from one budget year to the next.

Why have so many current and former elected officials and long-time Democratic activists endorsed me? They all know both my opponent and me very well and have concluded my record makes me the most qualified and committed candidate to take on the Republican in the fall. Among my supporters are Peg O’Donnell, Tina Miller, Leon Karvelis, Janice Meehan, Kim Yonkers, Mike D’Agostino, Margi Esten, Gwen Denny, Dan Barrett, Mary Ann Carman, Sara Sobel, Peter and Annet Bonfanti, Susan Green, Peggy Zamore, and many others.

Please visit on the web or Mark Lewis 2017 on FaceBook to learn more about me.

Thanks for your vote on Tuesday.