First Time Candidate Eyes Vacated Seat

Ira Kaplan sees the elections of 2018 as a time for change in the US. A national call to action has been brewing and he thinks that Easton should heed that call. Instead of sitting passively with the status quo, Kaplan would like to see a Democrat take over the Easton Selectman seat vacated when Carrie Colangelo resigned to take a spot in Hartford.

Kaplan, an actuary and Senior VP at a Stamford reinsurance company, expressed his interest in the spot to First Selectman Adam Dunsby after Colangelo made her announcement. Dunsby told him that they were looking to fill the spot with another Republican. Eventually, Kristi Sogofsky was chosen to fill the interim.

Ira Kaplan researched the statutes and found that a replacement could have been from any party. The 19-year Easton resident then circulated a petition to force a special election in November. Another petition was being circulated by another group in town. Between the two petitions, more than the 274 needed to bring on the vote were collected.

The special election is being held at the same time as the general election on November 6, thus saving the taxpayers the expense of a separate event.

This is the first time that Kaplan has run for office, but not the first time he will have operated in this capacity. As an executive committee member of his synagogue for 14 years, Kaplan navigated the process of doing what was best for both congregants and the institution itself. He worked on budgets, helped hire new clergy, participated in building projects and was known for keeping all sides informed.

hello, Easton asked Kaplan what he will bring to the table if elected.

Kaplan promised that every issue set before the Board of Selectmen would be individually evaluated after listening to the facts from all sides of an issue. He would investigate all matters so that the facts are clear and there are no rumors or innuendo in play.

He also promised to communicate clearly with the citizens of Easton and with the other members of the BoS. Open and honest communication is key for him, with no room for animosity.

Going through the process to produce a fair and democratic outcome is crucial.

Although he is a newcomer to town government, if elected, he promises to use his skills as a fast learner and good listener to quickly get up to speed.

Ira and Susan Kaplan have been together since they met in junior high when they were 14. The Kaplans moved to Easton in 1999 to raise their children, who went through all of the Easton schools and are Barlow grads.

Sue Kaplan is the principal of Helen Keller Middle School.

The Kaplans have always been active volunteers around town. Ira is very proud of his 12-year participation having his head shaved for St. Baldricks, raising over $60,000.

Ira Kaplan believes in living purposefully. He looks forward to meeting as many Eastonites as possible in the coming months and will work hard to earn their votes.