EVFC opposes POCD

The Planning and Zoning Commission is in receipt of a letter written by an attorney representing the Easton Volunteer Fire Company that states that the EVFC is in opposition of several aspects of the proposed 2018 Plan of Conservation and Development (the
“2018 POCD.”)

The EVFC is concerned that several parcels privately owned by the company are being considered as municipal property. They state that as the owner of these three parcels of land, the EVFC will be
significantly and directly impacted by the inclusion of its properties in this proposed village district. The proposed village district, bike path intersections and special permit requirements proposed in the 2018 POCD will have a direct and negative impact on the operations of the EVFC.

The attorney states clarifies that the EVFC objects to any restrictions on its current and historic uses of its private property. The EVFC objects to its properties being included in the proposed village district, and requests the Planning Commission re-draw the boundary lines of the village district to exclude the EVFC properties.

The EVFC also objects to the erroneous designation throughout the 2018 POCD of its private property being considered as “municipal land,” “open space,” “conservation land” or calling the Fireman’s Green as the “Easton Green”. The letter said that EVFC objects to the representation that a public safety building is planned for to be located upon its property.

The EVFC requested that the Planning Commission correct these
erroneous designations throughout the 2018 POCD.

The letter may be found in its entirety here.