Easton Police Police Activity Log Week 09/10/18 – 09/16/18

Total Calls:  165 Suspicious MV 6
Accident 1 Suspicious Person 1
Aided/EMS 5 Suspicious Activity 2
Alarm 21 Criminal Arrest 2
Animal Control 11 MV Stop 14
Fire Call 0 Misdemeanor Summons 0
Assist other Police Dept.     1 Infraction 6
Temporary Pistol Permit 0 Written Warning 12
Parking Violation 0 Verbal Warning 3
Erratic Driver 1


David Schneider
13714 Rockaway Beach
Belle Harbor, NY 11694
DOB: 10/27/1967

On September 11, 2018 at around 2:45 PM the EPD assisted the Aquarion Water Police with a motor vehicle stop. During the stop the police were informed by dispatch that the EPD held an Active PRAWN Warrant for Mr. Schneider for Failure to Appear in the Second Degree for an infraction he received in November of 2017 for an Operating an Unregistered MV.  After posting a court ordered BOND of $500, Mr. Schneider was released and is he scheduled to appear in court on September 18, 2018.

Davian England
29 Griffin Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 
DOB: 10/23/1992

On September 13, 2018 Mr. England turned himself in at the EPD, after learning the department held an active arrest warrant for him. Mr. England was charged with 1 count of Larceny, ID Theft in the 3rd and 3 counts of Forgery. It is alleged, Mr. England befriended his victim in late September of 2017. During the following 2 months of that friendship, the victim purchased several items “to help him out.” During this time however, Mr. England was using the victims ATM card without her consent and forged several personal checks to transfer money from her account into his. After the victim confronted Mr. England, telling him she knew he had stolen over $61,000.00 from her, he paid back $22,900 but couldn’t pay back the rest of the money.

He was processed and released after posting a surety bond on a court ordered bond of $20,000.00 and has been given a court date of September 27, 2018 at the Bridgeport Courthouse.