Easton Police Activity Log Week 12-26-17 / 01-01-18

Total Calls:  141 Suspicious MV 12
Accident 4 Suspicious Person 1
Aided/EMS 4 Suspicious Activity 0
Alarm 18 Criminal Arrest 0
Animal Control 14 MV Summons 2
Assist other Dept. 4 Infraction 4
Fire Call 1 Written Warning 8
MV Stop 14 Verbal Warning 3
Criminal Mischief:
On December 26, 2017 a resident on Crossbow Lane arrived home, after being away all weekend, to find his neighbor’s Christmas decorations smashed at his front door.
His property was not vandalized. The owner of the decorations was unaware of the missing items and had not heard or seen anything out of the ordinary.

On 12/25/17 at approx. 5 pm caller reported a bat in his house. He was advised to open a window and let bat out. The caller had called back on 12/27 and stated that he caught the bat today and let bat out. ACO advised him to contact children’s pediatrician and their physician to speak to them about rabies vaccination.

Dumping / Littering:
Concerned citizen came into the department to report clothes spread out along South Park Ave. The person was unsure of the exact location. They also turned in a tan colored purse which contained only an empty wallet. Officer reports it to be miscellaneous women’s clothing. Debris removed from the road. No identifying items found.

* 911 * call
On 12/31/17 at approx. 11:55 am caller reports three small children on a pond at the corner of Bibbins Road and RT 136. Caller is concerned the ice may not be safe and there are no adults in sight.  No one seen on ice or in area when police arrived.