Easton Police Activity Log Week 12-11-17 / 12-17-17


Total Calls:  154 Suspicious MV 10
Accident 3 Suspicious Person 1
Aided/EMS 6 Suspicious Activity 1
Alarm 16 Criminal Arrest 0
Animal Control 8 MV Summons 0
Assist other Dept. 3 MV Clear/No Action 0
Fire Call 3 Infraction (MV/Accident) 1
MV Stop 16 Written Warning (MV Stop/Accident) 15
Verbal Warning (MV Stop/Accident) 2


On 12/11/17 a local resident who lives on Flat Rock Road reported a pack of coyotes may have killed a small dog or animal in the area between her neighbor’s house and HKMS. Caller wanted incident on file in the event that one of her neighbor’s calls to report their dog missing.

On 12/12/17 a local resident reported receiving multiple calls (615-789-5666) from a male speaking broken English who states her computer has an issue that needs to be fixed. No personal information given, caller just wanted incident on file as a matter of record.

On 12/13/17 a local resident reported receiving 4 phone calls on her cell phone from an automated system stating she has warrants for her arrest. They did not speak to anyone and did not call the number back. Caller wanted incident on file as a matter of record.

On 12/14/17 a report of items dumped across from 48 Far Horizons Drive. A bag of used toys/clothes, disassembled basketball hoop, lawn chair, satellite TV dish, patio umbrella & a rug dumped on the side of the road. Police Officer reports nothing identifiable found.  Items removed.


On 12/14/17 Bridgeport PD served an EPD PRAWN Warrant on:
Elio Figueroa
28 Ohio Avenue
Bridgeport, CT
DOB: 3/27/1990

In February of 2017, Mr. Figueroa was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for:

  • Operating a Motor Vehicle Under Suspension
  • Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle
When he failed to appear in court, a warrant for his arrest was issued on May 5, 2017 with an additional charge of:
  • Failure to Appear 2nd Degree
At the time, Stratford Police Dept. held 2 warrants for his arrest as well.