Easton Police Activity Log Week 1-16-18 / 01-21-18

Total Calls:  128 Suspicious MV 8
Accident 1 Suspicious Person 0
Aided/EMS 4 Suspicious Activity 1
Alarm 17 Criminal Arrest 0
Animal Control 12 MV Summons 0
Assist other Dept. 2 Infraction 1
Fire Call 1 Written Warning 10
MV Stop 11 Verbal Warning 1

On 1/6/18 caller reports several garbage bags and the head of a deer dumped behind a tree on Everett Rd.

On 1/17/18 caller informed department that a possible sick raccoon was on in her yard all day on Tuckahoe Road.  Raccoon could not be located.

Assist other Depart. / WARRANT
Adelaide Carly Egan of Stratford, CT

On 1/17/18 Ms. Egan called the police department to report she struck a dog on Sport Hill Road between Austin Drive and Ridgeway Road. Police officer on site discovered that Ms. Egan had a warrant out for her arrest out of Waterbury. Ms. Egan was held at the EPD until Waterbury Police took her into custody.

1/19/18 caller from Beers Road reports 7 of her chickens missing.

Larceny Theft from MV:
Resident from Morehouse Road called the department on 1/20/18 to report her daughter’s car had items removed from the unlocked vehicle sometime overnight.

On 1/20/18 caller reports seeing a turkey vulture eating a large carcass out of a black garbage bag on Maple Road in the area near North Park Avenue and Paine open space. Police Officer in the area, reports 2 bags of deer remains found.

Dog Attack:
On 1/21/18 a resident of Stones Throw Road reported that while he was walking his dog, his neighbor was also walking his dog at the time, let his dog off the leash and his neighbor’s dog attacked his dog. The caller reports he was knocked down in the scuffle but was not injured. The caller also states that his neighbor knows his dog is aggressive and still intentionally let it off leash.

The neighbor claims his dog slipped his harness and went after the dog and it was not intentional. However, the complainant reports this isn’t the first time this dog has attacked his dog.

On 1/21/18 Caller reports there are 3 cows on Center Road in the area of Shaggy Coos Farm. Police Officer reports owner retrieved animals.