Barlow students register to vote

by Redding League of Women Voters

Joel Barlow students were greeted by an unusual sight when they headed for lunch last Wednesday, April 25.  Flanking the door to the cafeteria were two tables festooned with red, white and blue balloons, American flags and a big bowl  of candy called—appropriately—Smarties.  Large signs urged: Register to Vote.

Several times each year the registrars from Easton and Redding visit the high school to offer students who will be 18 by election day in November the opportunity to register on the spot.  Last week they were joined by members of the Redding League of Women Voters (who provided the balloons and candy).   Redding registrar Joanne Perlman had addressed the League on up-to-date registration requirements at an earlier board meeting so the volunteers were prepared to answer questions and help the students fill out the forms which they then presented to the registrars who, after checking for proper identification, made it official.

By the end of the second lunch shift when the last student had returned to class and the hall fell silent again, 41 students had been successfully registered as voters in their respective towns of Easton and Redding.  Says League board member Phyllis Rhodes who was active in organizing the League’s participation in the event, “One of the League’s main goals is to encourage people to register.  We were certainly successful in  fulfilling that goal today.”

Registrars present for the event were David Smith from Easton and Joanne Perlman from Redding.  Ms. Perlman was joined by Deputy Registrar Laura Hoenig.  Mary Ann Carman, Emily d’Aulaire, Janice Meehan, Jean Taylor and Jean Whitham represented the Redding League of Women Voters.

left to right: League of Women Voters board members Jean Whitham and Jean Taylor, and Joel Barlow High School student Mackenzie Wenzel who registered to vote at the event.