Aspetuck Land Trust

Aspetuck Land Trust is a land preservation group, but we’re also a community.  We invite you to join a great bunch of active outdoors people  You don’t have be a lumberjack or PhD to be involved!  You can help out in all sorts of ways.  Here are a few to consider:

We have an exciting new initiative to track wild animal populations on Aspetuck Land Trust properties. While you are out walking in any of our preserves and you see wildlife fill out our smart phone optimized ALT Mammal and Bird Observation Form. The form is located on our website under Get Outdoors in the main menu. If you’re not tech savvy, print out the form and send it to us in the mail to tell us what you saw. Wildlife spotting is a great family, or scout group activity that will help children learn to identify what animals can be found in Connecticut. If you see something really cool like a bear, mountain lion, bobcat or fisher please post your picture on our Facebook Page in Ranger Jim’s Photo Exchange for all to see.

We have lots of fun ways to get involved! Sign up for any or all of the following:

Trails:  This subcommittee makes sure our trails are physically up to par.  They monitor the trails and perform reroutes when necessary.  They view our trails as an entire system and determine where and how our trail system should function.

Trail Stewards:  This subcommittee organizes the trail stewards and trail steward events.  The trail stewards are a great group of people who are the bedrock on which ALT stands.  This subcommittee makes sure these dedicated volunteers have everything they need and organizes social gatherings for the group.

Invasives:  ALT is committed to fighting invasives using best scientific practices.  This subcommittee is to keep abreast of the latest scientific research on invasives to inform our on-the-ground invasive warriors.

K-College:  Although we are a land preservation group, because we hold our properties in perpetuity, we also seek to engage young people in our work.  Our K-college subcommittee runs our youth and family programs.

Haskins Preserve Project: Our preserves are intricately connected to all the property in Fairfield County.  The Haskins Project helps protect ALT land by setting up demonstration areas for landowners to learn ecologically sustainable private land management practices.

Grants Committee:  There are numerous local, state, and federal grants that the we would like to pursue.  This committee researches those grants and may evolve to help write them.

The bedrock of Aspectuck Land Trust consists of about 70 amazing volunteer Trail Stewards who walk, monitor, and help maintain our trail system.  They are the heavy lifters, both literally and figuratively, of Aspetuck Land Trust.  They are also our first point of contact and outreach to trail users.

To volunteer in any of the areas above, please complete our quick and easy


PS: New Aspetuck Land Trust members will receive our 4-town hiking map, membership decal and members-only access to our delicious blueberry patch. Yummy.