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Susan Winters

Publisher and Redding Editor

Susan Winters has been an active resident of Redding since 1990. She loves our beautiful town and has a passion for sharing our news with fellow Reddingites. A graduate of New York’s prestigious School of Visual Arts, Susan prides herself on making hello, Redding as visually attractive as it is interesting to read. She has worked for many of the worlds largest and best known publishing firms including Doubleday and Harper & Row. Susan is the proud mom of a Joel Barlow student. Her son is a Reddingite since birth and has enjoyed learning all through the Redding school system. Contact Susan

Cathy Dunsby,

Easton Editor

Cathy Dunsby. Contact Cathy.

Bettina Grob,

Easton Advertising



CJ Golden

CJ Golden,

Golden Ponderings

A freelance columnist, author and motivational speaker, Golden currently travels the country from coast-to-coast inspiring her audience to seek and find an easier path through life using her Tao and Defiant philosophy. http://www.taogirl.com/tao-women/


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Brent M. Colley,

Local Historian and Educator

Brent Colley was born and raised in Georgetown. Since 1998, Brent has been documenting and promoting the history of Redding in an effort to bring attention to and build interest in both Redding’s incredible past and promising future. In his “free time” Brent is the First Selectman of Sharon, Connecticut and the President of the Sharon Historical Society and Museum.

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Mark Pritchard,


Mark Pritchard, his wife, Andrea and son, Blake have been Reddinites since 1998. Mark is Assistant General Counsel at EMCOR Group, Inc. His creative eye belies the fact that he has only been taking photos for a few years, after he received a camera for his birthday. Mark photographs all of the shows at Barlow as well as taking interesting shots around town.


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Ed Dzubak,


Redding resident Ed Dzubak is a three-time Emmy Award-winning film and television composer. His photography has been exhibited at the New Pond Farm Invitational photography show. Ed’s music website is www.dzubak.com. His photography can be found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/shrp11/.