Month: May 2019

Police Activity Log

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May 25 Drug Equipment Violation
12am – Suspicious vehicle investigation at Huntington State Park. Cited: 19yo female, of Redding CT – Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Loitering in Park after hours

May 20 DWI
1am – Suspicious Vehicle Investigation. Arrested: 28yo male, Silvio Cabrera-Bermeo of Roslyn NY – DWI & Operating Unreg MV. Released on $250 cash Bond, Court date of 5/30/19

May 24 Missing Person
Meadow Ridge- 89yo male resident with dementia. Party located unharmed

May 20 MVA-Injury
One car rollover on Gallows Hill Road-  operator transported to Danbury ER with minor injury

May 26 MVA-Injury
2 car accident at intersection of Black Rock Tpke and Newtown Tpke. Minor injuries report – refused medical attention.

May 20 MVA – Property Damage
Lonetown Road  1 car accident – no injuries

May 20
MVA – Property Damage
Lonetown Road 1 car accident – no injuries

May 22
MVA – Property Damage
Sport Hill Road 2 car accident – no injuries

May 22
MVA – Property Damage
Black Rock Turnpike (Route 58) 2 car accident – no injuries

May 22
MVA – Property Damage
Stepney Road 1 car accident – no injuries

May 24
MVA – Property Damage
Simpaug Turnpike Truck backed into cross bar at train crossing on Simpaug/Long Ridge Road. No injuries reported.  Train service delayed due to equipment inspection. 

May 25
MVA – Property Damage
Vehicle parked at the Saugatuck Universal Trail head on Glen Rd/ Newtown Tpke. Window smashed out and items were removed from vehicle. Incident remains under investigation

The Redding Police Department circulated this photo of one of the suspects taken with an interior camera in the victim’s vehicle. He has been tentatively identified. RPD is working with local departments to bring the suspect to justice.

CT supports a woman’s right to choose

State Senator Will Haskell

In driving to and from Hartford every day, I tend to get consumed by Connecticut politics. I spend the drive making calls to fellow legislators, discussing local issues with constituents and, on the late nights, doing my best to stay awake. Last week, I decided to tune into NPR. Suddenly, it felt like I was transported into a bygone era. In Alabama, a handful of legislators trampled the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling and decided that nearly all abortions will be banned starting January 1, 2020, even in cases of rape or incest. Alabama, sadly, is not alone in rolling back these fundamental rights. In Ohio, legislators suggested they could reimplant an ectopic pregnancy – a painful, life-threatening medical situation where a fertilized egg implants outside a woman’s uterus – using a medical process that doctors actually advise against.

Thankfully, I work in a building where we see things differently. While Georgia, Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri and Alabama are moving backwards, we’re pushing forwards. As I pulled into the Capitol complex, my mind turned to pending legislation that not only defends a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body, but actually helps to strengthen reproductive health and freedom.

On May 16, the House passed a bill that would place tougher restrictions on “crisis pregnancy centers.” Some of these locations use deceptive advertising when offering counseling to pregnant women. We’ve seen clinics in Connecticut draw women into appointments under false pretenses and dissuade them from having abortions. This legislation would prevent them from making false or misleading statements, which restrict the spectrum of reproductive choices that women out to be able to access in a free and healthy society. This isn’t just about protecting women’s rights – it’s about promoting public health and making sure that everyone can make an informed decision about their own body.

Last month in the Senate, we voted to advance legislation that allows for increased privacy in healthcare decisions. Currently, when a domestic violence survivor receives care, their information is shared with their health insurance policy holder – who could be their abuser. By closing a loophole, we prevent perpetrators from reacting, or retaliating, against their victims. One in four women and one in seven men experience severe physical violence from an intimate partner at some point in their lives. Those who seek healthcare deserve to do so with privacy. I was proud to support this bill to advance the health and wellness of Connecticut citizens.

Lately, it feels like we’re operating in two separate worlds. In Alabama, Roe v. Wade isn’t considered a constitutional cornerstone but instead a target in the crosshairs. In Connecticut? We support a woman’s right to choose and we will fight to protect it. Moreover, we’ll fight to advance the health and privacy of all women in our state. In the remaining days of the legislative session, we’ll keep going – and we invite anyone and everyone who may lose their rights to come here. We’re ready to fight for yours too.

Wixted is Provider of the Year

by Redding Fire & EMS Company #1

CONGRATULATIONS to EMT-Firefighter Dan Wixted who has been awarded Redding Fire District 1 EMS provider of the Year at Western Connecticut Health Network’s annual EMS dinner.