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by Susan Winters, Publisher

I’m going to be very honest with you. hello, Redding needs your help to stay in business.

It’s a very hard time for small business right now. Although they need to advertise to draw in customers, many do not want to allocate budget towards marketing– even though it is tax deductible! They rather spend hours doing their own time consuming social media … coming up with interesting content and then to track whether or not it is working. Many don’t realize that they are only reaching the people on their lists who already know them.

Advertising in a news publication that guarantees that people will read it because they want the news is the way to go and to reach potential NEW customers.

These days, everyone wants advertising free but news sources be it print or online are small businesses too and need ad sales to stay afloat. The Redding Pilot couldn’t stay in business, even after it combined with 2 other towns.

Residents now complain that there is no local news coverage. This is frustrating to me, as publisher, writer, designer, ad sales, social media manager and chief cook and bottle washer of hello, Redding. Since 2013, I have brought timely news of Redding to Redding. For the last 3 years of the Redding Pilot existence, hello Redding had a larger subscription base and our engagement went through the roof. So, when I read people complaining on Facebook that we have no more local news or hello, Redding is not a real paper or that people miss the Pilot, it is frustrating.

I also miss the old days of the Pilot with Sue Wolf in charge but that was a long time  ago. Sadly, the Pilot’s news for the past few years has been late and often inaccurate. None of the editors (including Ms. Wolf who is the last one who really cared about our town) lived in Redding. I’ve lived here for 29 years and have a vested interest in our town. It’s important to me to get it right. I try to vet everything that I can before I publish it and if I make a mistake, I ‘fess up and publish a correction. hello Redding does it best to bring a balanced report…except for clearly marked editorials that ARE MY OPINION.

Hyperlocal news is not dead. hello Redding is still here bringing you the news. I work to the wee hours almost nightly to bring keep our town up to date on current happenings…. all in one place. You don’t have to go to the separate entities to read their own news.

The News Times writes one article about Redding maybe once a month and the Patch and Daily Voice are just aggregators…picking up news from other sources and often not about our local area.

I am so grateful for my long time sponsors Margi Esten, Marilyn Sloper, Meadow Ridge, Hoffman Landscaping, Georgetown Orthodontics, PFS Mortgage, Optical Alternatives, Chipman Mazzucco, Whistlestop Bakery and newcomer Allan Phillips Orthodontics. But, we need YOU to keep the doors open!

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Susan Winters

Police news: DWI and Untimely death

DWI – On 4-7-19 at 12:51 AM. on Route 53 near John Read Middle School.

As a result of a routine motor vehicle stop the following arrest was made.

Arrested: Melissa Grandinetti DOB: 5-19-70 (48)
Address: Hickok Avenue Bethel, Ct.
Charges: Operating Under the Influence and Failure to Drive Right ( Left of center line)
Bond: $50.00 Cash / Released to friend)
Court Date: 4-18-19 / Danbury

Untimely Death – Great Meadow Road on 4-05-19 at 4:41 PM.

A woman from East Marion, NY reported that she had not heard from her 71 year old cousin, who lived on Great Meadow Road since February. Police met her at the residence for a welfare check.

With her permission, responding officers forcibly entered the residence and they found Bruce Roensch deceased in the dining room.

Medical Examiner’s Office personnel responded and will be conducting an Autopsy to determine the cause of death.
Under Investigation.

JBHS Recognizes Outstanding Writers

REDDING, CT, March 26 Jack Powers gave writing advice combined with encouragement and humor to a group of Joel Barlow juniors on Tuesday. Powers spoke at a special reception at Joel Barlow High School to recognize the 47 juniors who scored “Commendable” or higher on their Junior Writing Portfolios. He recognized the students for their writing achievement and challenged them to continue to hone their writing skills throughout their lives. Powers along with his Joel Barlow Writing Center co-director and fellow Joel Barlow English Teacher, Tim Huminski, presented the students with certificates of accomplishment in recognition of their hard work, and raffled off books about the art and craft of writing.

Now in its 26th year, the Junior Writing Portfolio is an integral part of the Joel Barlow curriculum, and completion of the portfolio at an “Effective” level is a graduation requirement. In the fall of junior year, Joel Barlow students compile five pieces of their writing in categories including creative, formal analysis and personal narrative. In the spring, a team of Barlow teachers and other educational professionals assesses the portfolios and assigns scores on a scale of 1 to 6. “Commendable” indicates a score of 5 and a score of 6 is deemed “Exemplary.” Select portions of these portfolios will serve as models in the Writing Center’s annual publication, Standouts, which will be distributed to all upcoming juniors in the fall.

Tim Huminski welcomed the students and introduced his colleague, Jack Powers. Powers gave the students advice on improving their writing skills and delighted the group with selections from his book of poems, Everybody’s Vaguely Familiar. Powers told the students that “ ‘Write what you know’  is terrible advice or at least only half good. Instead start with what you know and imagine the rest.”

Jack Powers has taught at Joel Barlow High School for 38 years. He teaches special education English, and math; co-directs the Writing Center; and is a peer practice coach.  Powers is the author of Everybody’s Vaguely Familiar. He has won the 2015 and 2012 Connecticut River Review Poetry Contests, and he was a finalist for the 2013 and 2014 Rattle Poetry Prizes. Powers has published over 80 poems in more than forty journals including Poet Lore, The Southern Review, Barrow Street, Cortland Review. His essays have appeared in The New York Times and elsewhere. Powers was the 2005 CCTE Connecticut Poet of the Year and 2008 NEATE Poet of the Year. 

Huminski and Powers thanked the JBHS PTSA for its generous purchase of the classic paperbacks awarded to each student as well as the books given as raffle prizes.

Sophia Danuszar and Gabriella Johnston were each awarded a certificate for their “Exemplary” Junior Writing Portfolios.

Students receiving “Commendable” scores were Tabitha Aime, Erik Areklett, Simon Castonguay, Emily Cavaliere, Annalie Ciolino, Melissa Colasante, Gregory Coleman, Michael Cruz, David Cusick, Grace Doremus, Olivia Fassman, Julia Gjelaj, Crina Gutu, Elia Hafen, Elizabeth Herman, Colin Holm-Hansen, Olivia Houlahan, Kyleigh Keyes, Sage Khanna, Alex Klein Wassink, Dylan Leone, Kathryn Liu, Catherine MacDonald, Grace MacDonald, Kathryn Matsuoka, Madeleine McHale, Sean McHale, Zoe Newbolt, Owen O’Reilly, James Porter, Colby Powers, Schuyler Rae Pritchard, Eric Raut, Thomas Richetelli, Samantha Romaniello, Zachary Shortt, Caroline Spear, William Sutton, Ekaterina Taylor-Yeremeeva, Sarah Tedawes, Robert Tremont, Luke Wergeles, Caroline Wexler, Buster Whaley, and Sara Wiesenfeld.

In addition, 140 juniors received the passing score of “Effective,” and 14 students will work with the Writing Center to revise and resubmit their portfolios.

left: Jack Powers, reads a selected poem from his book, Everybody’s Vaguely Familiar.
right: Jack Powers as the guest speaker for the Junior Writing Portfolio Reception that
honors students for their writing achievement.  Photos by Melanie Mason