Day: October 3, 2018

Century Club

Redding Democrats held their annual Century Club on Sunday under a crisp, early-autumn sky. Guests came to hear from the Democratic candidates on this year’s ballot, with Congressman Jim Himes and Senator Richard Blumenthal kicking off the fundraising event in preparation for the election on November 6th.

Himes and Blumenthal spoke about the many pressing issues in Washington, and their work to protect the rights of every American, including minorities, women’s issues and the seriousness of confirming a Supreme Court Justice, and the protection of our healthcare.

Introducing Gubernatorial Candidate Ned Lamont, Redding Democratic Town Committee Chair Mike D’Agostino stressed the need for positive change in Connecticut.

“If we focus on failed policies of the past and present, we will not be prepared for the future. Ned Lamont has a clear plan to move Connecticut forward, balance the budget, and improve the lives of every citizen.”

Lamont shared his vision of Connecticut “as the place we will always call home, and where our kids can find hope and opportunity.” His plan is to balance the budget through collaborative effort with the state legislature; and he spoke about the importance of electing democratic candidates to work together in Hartford as the best way to move the state forward.

Will Haskell for State Senate, Anne Hughes and Raghib Allie Brennan for the CT General Assembly, all gave impassioned campaign speeches about the importance of electing progressive Democratic candidates, and spent time listening and talking with assembled guests.

The event was held at the home of Joe and Mary Lee Pampel, and hosted by the Redding Democratic Town Committee with First Selectman Julia Pemberton and many of Redding’s elected board and commission members in attendance.

from left: Joe and Mary Lee Pampel (hosts,) Congressman Jim Himes, Senator Richard Blumenthal, DTC Chair Mike D’Agostino, Candidates Will Haskell, Raghib Allie-Brennan and Anne Hughes.

Gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont

Playground Build

Volunteers from the Redding community including firefighters, Scouts, JBHS sports teams, clubs and religious organizations came together to build the new playground outside of Redding Elementary School. Coordinated by PTA board member Angela Caes and Vice Principal Christopher Basta, the project replaced a very old playground that has been in need of replacement for years. Workers had to deal with muddy conditions brought on by the rainy weather during the week before.

Local businesses donated equipment and local restaurants sent over food.

The PTA cautions that the playground is not ready to be kid tested. Cement needs to settle and the set has yet to be inspected.

Thank you to all who volunteered to help!