Day: July 5, 2018

Rock n Roots was Rock n Fun

Started by Town Historian Charley Couch 4 years ago, the Redding Rock n Roots Festival soon became the go to for Redding families to enjoy Independence Day.

Although Charley passed away this year, his legacy lives in. Bob Moran and his team took over the reigns and the festival continues!

The day was filled with music, a pie contest picnics and food trucks. The night sky was illuminated by fireworks.

Congratulations to the winners of the pie contest: The best tasting was Kat Kaplan’s classic cherry pie. Most creative was Amy Cabot’s Rock n Roots blueberry and best looking was Carolyn Baker’s Strawberry Pie. Maddy Schultz (her Blueberry pie is pictured) and Graham Cabor won in the junior division.

Even the heat wave couldn’t keep people away.

Thank you to the Redding Historical Society and Bob Moran for continuing this family friendly tradition.

Sizzling Rock n Roots Race

The beginning of the heat wave didn’t keep our Rock’n’ Racers from the 9K.

Thanks, as always, to John McCleary who put Redding on the (racing) map! Another fabulous event! And, he has already started working on the next race.

The Top Ten racers were:

Redding’s Top 10 were:

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