Day: June 4, 2018


Editorial: In my Opinion

There’s a letter posted on Facebook by a Board of Ed member that on the surface seems innocuous. But, the subtext paints a different picture.

This message plays on the fears of residents that voting no will bring on the disappearance of all we hold dear. In it, he lists the gems of Redding that we may not have if we don’t vote yes: Topstone, the middle school play, the Heritage Center, the LIBRARY and more. The language is crafted in a subtle way but the implication is clear. Vote yes or Redding is doomed.


We are not going to lose the library or the play or any of those other charms of Redding. This economy calls for belt tightening and other sources of finances may be sought, but we’ll still have what we hold dear.

Even the image of “I (heart) Redding” is sending a message that if you love Redding, you will vote yes. Guess what, we ALL love Redding. Yes voters, no voters, people who haven’t voted at all. I wouldn’t hesitate to bet that the majority of our residents love living here. Because what’s not to love: by choosing Redding they showed their desire for open space, excellent schools- and yes, they are still excellent even with the cuts- and everything else our hamlet has to offer.

I’ve noticed the trend on social media. People yell FACTS but then skew the facts to their own point of view. That’s called SPIN. Marketers and lawyers are particularly good at spin. It’s happening, with passion, on both sides of the table of this debate.

For example: the vote. People complained at what they called a low voter turnout. Sure it would be nice if we had 100% turnout but in actuality this was probably a record amount of voters for this type of referendum. The 1400 ballots printed ran out early and 800 more had to be photocopied. We should be proud that so many people came to vote and I hope we have that many or more on Tuesday. Low turnout or high? Depends on how you look at it.

Vote no or vote yes but don’t be persuaded by hysteria. If the budget is passed or if it fails, Redding will still be the place we ALL love.