Day: June 3, 2018

Easton Police Activity Log Week 05-21-18 / 05-28-18

Total Calls:  223 Suspicious MV 15
Accident 1 Suspicious Person 4
Aided/EMS 7 Suspicious Activity 1
Alarm 11 Criminal Arrest 0
Animal Control 12 MV Summons 1
Assist other Dept. 3 Infraction 9
Fire Call 2 Written Warning 17
MV Stop 28 Verbal Warning 1
MV Theft 0 Parking Violation 2

July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019
Due and payable on or before July 1, 2018

In accordance with the Town Ordinance pertaining to Alarm Systems, each permit holder shall pay to the Town of Easton Police Dept. on or before July 1st of each year, a renewal “Use Fee” in the amount of $20.00. A NEW alarm registration is $25.00.

If there are any changes or additions to your current contact information, please submit these changes on the registration form online or contact our department.

You may pay online at or you may send a check payable to: Town of Easton Police Dept., 700 Morehouse Rd, Easton, CT 06612.  If you have any questions please call the dept. at 203-268-4111.

(Enforcement action can and will be taken for unpaid renewal or unregistered alarm)

St. Dimitrie food fest

by Matt DePietro

Take a drive down Sport Hill Road, past the Fire Department, Village Store, and the orchards at Silverman’s Farm, and you will find St. Dimitrie’s Romanian Orthodox Church.

The Church is the only Orthodox Catholic Church in Easton, and has been since they moved from Bridgeport nine years ago.

St. Dimitri will be hosting their summer Food Fest on Friday June 8 and Saturday June 9 on Church grounds. “The event is open to the public, it’s a food festival— people can try different styles of cooking, such as Mediterranean, and Baltic foods” said Father George Coco.

Visit St. Dimitrie’s website and find a gallery of pictures where one can get a glimpse of the wide selection of cooking that the festival has to offer. Click through the gallery and see stuffed shells, roasted chicken, and an array of breads, and pastries. The menu and price list is also listed.

“There’s Dancing, a presentation put on by the kids. And will be another event in September which is also open to the public,” he said.

All the cooking is done by the members of St. Dimitrie’s.

Father George also noted that they offer tours of the Church. St. Dimitrie’s interior design is something of a piece of art.

Including the work of Alexander Seceni, whose intricate wood carving design is the framework for the Iconostasis, or the separating wall at the altar. His unique carving style can only be seen in one other Church in America.

The second notable sight, is the work of Dhimitri Cika. Cika is the artist behind the iconography, or the images within the woodcarving, and the paintings on the walls of the Church.

“Cika has done all the iconography for the Church. And is continuing to work on it— there is more to come,” said Father George. The detailed visual appeal along with the lineage and structure that connects each individual image, is worth seeing even if one does not belong to the Orthodox Church.

Father George invited the entire community to come and see what St. Dimitri’s has to offer.

“All are welcome,” he said.

Dhimitri Cika, a professional icon painter, stands in front of his painting of the birth of Christ above the alter at St. Dimitrie Orthodox Church in Easton. Photo: Autumn Driscoll/ CT Post

Referendum Vote

Regional School District No. 9

Referendum June 5, 2018
Absentee Ballots Available
Absentee ballots for the June 5, 2018 Regional School District No. 9 Referendum are available at the Town Clerk’s Office in Easton Town Hall. The Town of Easton budget passed by referendum vote on May 8, 2018. With the combined votes of Easton and Redding, the Regional School District No. 9 question was defeated. A re-vote for the Regional School District No. 9 is set for June 5, 2018in Easton and Redding.

Absentee balloting is available for those individuals who cannot vote in person for one of the following reasons: active service in the armed forces; absence from town during all hours of the referendum; physical disability; illness; or religious tenets. An application must first be completed, and then the ballot will be issued to the applicant in person. A ballot cannot be issued in person to anyone other than the applicant. If the applicant is unable to come in person, an application must first be completed and delivered to the Town Clerk with the designation of the person to hand carry the ballot. The applicant may designate a member of his or her family or designee to pick up the ballot and return it to the Town Clerk. The completed and signed application form must be presented to the Town Clerk’s Office at which time an absentee ballot will be issued to either the applicant or the applicant’s designee.

Since this referendum is being held with less than 3 weeks notice, absentee ballots CANNOT be mailed by the Town Clerk. An application Form ED-3R may be downloaded from the Town of Easton website or

Completed absentee ballots may be either hand-delivered or mailed to the Town Clerk’s Office, and must be received no later than 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 5, 2018. If you have any questions, please contact the Town Clerk office Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm (closed 1:00 – 2:00pm) at 203-268-6291.