Day: April 20, 2018

Letter to the Editor Now More than Ever admired person essay persuasive essay honesty is the best policy silagra 100 reviews resume ministers life 100 years ago essays nature essay research at work here can propecia reduce testori e undergraduate thesis dissertation service essay about plessy v. ferguson help with writing essays for free shortest inaugural speech spencer dissertation proposal viagra other names essay describing your kitchen best way use cialis eth dissertation library here university dissertation blair essay competition gossip girl an opinion essay about the internet $325,000.  That is the portion of the Mark Twain Library’s  2018-2019 Operating Budget (staff salaries, light, heat, AC, books, paper…the bare necessities) not paid for by the Town/your taxes.  It is a formidable amount of money and yet it is essential to the livelihood of Redding’s library.  We need to raise $325,000 this year, and so we are at it.

Recently you received our Annual Appeal plea in the mail; it’s message: NOW MORE THAN EVER.  Now more than ever we are providing more programs, for more people of all ages.

But NOW MORE THAN EVER we need our neighbors’ help because of the unexpected financial burden caused when our 20 year old furnace blew up in January.  We are responsible for all expenses necessary to maintain our handsome campus; the Town does not pay for any of that.  The burst boiler was, therefore, a devastating blow. Insurance has covered only part of the cost; our rainy day reserve and contributions to the emergency “furnace fund” are getting us through.  But the Mark Twain Library is now very vulnerable going forward.

$325,000 is a daunting amount of money to be raised solely by volunteers and this Annual Appeal.  And if we somehow manage to raise more — it will be put into the now somewhat depleted rainy day pot.

That is why, NOW MORE THAN EVER, I hope you will respond to the Mark Twain Library’s 2018 Annual Appeal.

A Most Grateful,
Jen Wastrom, President, the Mark Twain Library Association

Hoppy Days are Here Again!

REDDING, CT,  April 12th, 2018   As our weather warms up, we’re all hearing the peepers chirping as we drive through our beautiful countryside. They’re telling us it’s time to get ready for the Mark Twain Library’s amazing Children’s Country Fair – The Frog Frolic! The Frog Frolic is scheduled for Saturday, April 28th from 10AM to 4PM at the Redding Community Center (37 Lonetown Road).  Admission and Parking are free. Tickets are available for purchase to play games, make crafts and ride the giant inflatables. All proceeds from the Frolic go to support the Mark Twain Library.

Jen Wastrom, the Library’s President says that the Frolic’s heart and soul came from Mark Twain’s beloved short story, The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County – “The Frolic is a children’s fair just as Sam Clemens would have intended: with family fun, flair and a dash of distinction.”  Parents, neighbors and friends will catch up, laugh, eat and relax while their kids “have so much fun!” according to two 13 year olds, Natalie Gilbert and Peyton Lecher, who have both enjoyed the fair since kindergarten and especially like bouncing in bounce houses and doing face painting

So it’s time to bring your young ones for a day of fun while enjoying food, family, friends and games and help create future memories for them.  Boasting a mix of creative arts and craft activities, old-fashioned games, a Kiss-A-Frog booth, a well-priced children’s book sale, and a Tom Sawyer-esque fence painting activity, kids of all ages will love these activities and more.

Throughout the day, caregivers with toddlers will enjoy Aunt Polly’s Bubble Garden while stellar musical talent from within the Redding community will take center stage.  The Fairytale Food Court is a great place to relax and enjoy an appetizing lunch with family and friends while traditional fair snacks such as popcorn, cotton candy and snow cones will abound.

After an enlightening adventure through Touch-A-Truck Land spend time out-bidding a neighbor at the extraordinary Silent Auction or pose for a photo with one of the many Storybook Characters greeting guests throughout the day.

Lucky winners who hop around the lily pads at the Cake Walk Game will have their choice of over two dozen theme-inspired cakes to choose from as prizes. Bakers are awarded ribbons in either the junior or adult division. Judging is based solely on creative décor.

“The frolic brings the entire community together, all ages.  Everyone has so much fun.” said Stephanie Oulton, Frog Frolic Chairperson. “We’re also grateful to New Pond Farm for bringing live amphibians here to round out our day with real frolicking frogs.”

Mark Twain Library Director Beth Dominianni states “The Frog Frolic is a wonderful, happy celebration of youth and Spring. Families in and around Redding look forward to this all year long and their support is a huge benefit to our Library.”

For more information, visit or call the Library at (203) 938-2545.

Boucher ends Gubernatorial Campaign

Press Release

(Hartford, April 18) State Senator and exploratory gubernatorial candidate Toni Boucher issued the following statement today:

Eight months ago, I initiated an exploratory campaign for the office of governor.  As I’ve travelled around the state and met with so many wonderful people, I have been humbled by the outpouring of support I have been shown.  It has been a truly extraordinary and awe-inspiring experience. To those who volunteered their time, to those who generously provided financial support, and to my thousands of new friends across the state: please accept my sincerest, heartfelt gratitude.

“I love this state, and I have made a decision on how I can best serve my constituents and the people of Connecticut at this time.

“I am proud to announce today that I will run for re-election to the State Senate and, accordingly, will transition my exploratory committee and its donated funds to a campaign committee for the 26th State Senate District.

“The decision on how I can continue to best serve the people of our state has not been an easy one. It has been based on where I can do the most for my constituents, my party and the wonderful people of Connecticut. I believe that a lasting impact can be made in the General Assembly by attracting businesses; empowering the children of our state; bringing relief to the Connecticut commuter; and bringing a voice to the voiceless.

“The last eight months touring our state has deepened my belief that we have a tremendous amount of work to do in the legislature. The people and businesses of Connecticut are struggling. Their top concern is high costs. They feel the current leadership is failing by making Connecticut more unaffordable for them and their businesses.

“They are working hard to try to remain here, but they now find it may no longer be possible. My message of bringing fiscal stability and social inclusion to Connecticut has resonated throughout the state, and this will continue to be my priority.

“It has been an honor to serve in the state legislature. It is a rare privilege that I will never take for granted.  As Chief Deputy Majority leader, Chair of both the Senate Transportation and Education Committees and Vice-Chair of the Finance Revenue and Bonding Committee, I know that victories lie ahead for the people of Connecticut.

“The November election will be one of the most important in memory and can change the direction of our state for the better for generations to come.  After winning equal representation in the state senate two years ago, Republicans are only one seat away from a majority. I’m committed, along with my Republican colleagues, to make this happen so we can pursue policies that put our state back on solid economic footing and ensure a prosperous future for everyone who calls our state home.  I will fight to make Connecticut a place where families and businesses can once again thrive in a climate of lower taxes, efficient government spending, improved highway and rail transportation and the opportunity for a quality education for all of our children.

“To my colleagues and friends in the legislature, I look forward to our work ahead bringing relief to taxpayers and crafting legislation comprised of responsible solutions that will reinvigorate our incredible state.

“Connecticut gave my family the opportunity to have a future when we emigrated from Italy when I was only five years old. I look forward to continuing to repay our state for the extraordinary opportunities given to me by serving in the Senate.”

Senate Republican President Pro Tempore Len Fasano issued the following statement:

“Toni is one of hardest working people I know. For decades, she has been a tireless advocate committed to improving education, transportation and economic policies that create opportunities for all people. She is someone who never gives up and whose passion and energy is unmatched. The people of Connecticut, especially those in the 26th district, will continue to be well-served by Toni in the State Senate. She made an incredible candidate for governor, and I know no matter where she serves in state government she will always fight for her constituents and give them a voice in Hartford. She’s not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, to make tough decisions and to push for the policies we need to move Connecticut forward.”