Day: April 1, 2018

Saturday Enrichment at WorkspaceX

Engaging Experiences at a State-of-the-art Facility

Enrichment is done right at Workspace Education! Their up to date and family friendly facility in Bethel is located in Francis Clarke Circle, not far from the Redding border. This forward thinking center is opening its doors for all students to participate in these hand picked Saturday sessions.

Your child will feel welcome and engaged in the tech topic of their choice. The small  classes provide fun, hands-on experience lead by experienced professionals with access to the latest technology and equipment.

  • The Internet of Things.
  • Touch Activated Inventions.
  • Reinventing Arcade Games & Design
  • Kodu Game Design.
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Coding 201
  • Create your own midi Instrument
  • Digital Animation
  • 3D Printing with Fusion 360
  • Pop-Up Shakespeare
Find out more and register here.

Barlow Debate Novices are State Champions

by Randall Smith

This past Saturday Barlow played host to state finals for the Connecticut Debate Association where for the sixth time, Barlow debaters won first-place. Sophomores Melissa Colasante and Gregory Coleman came out on top, becoming the 2018 state champions in novice.

States is an invitation-only competition sponsored by the Connecticut Debate Association where trophy winners from about three dozen public, private, and parochial schools from all over the state the competed for top honors.

As individuals, Colasante won the third-place novice speaker trophy and Coleman won fifth. At this level where every competitor has won an award during the regular season, margins of victory are often razor thin, but their combined 165.3 points along with nearly perfect scores in the third round put them a full three points ahead of their nearest rivals, who in this case happened to be another pair from Barlow.

Freshmen Claudia Meyer and Kyle Murray were the second-place novice team, going unbeaten against two pairs from Loomis-Chaffee and another team from Weston.

This was the first time two teams from the same school won the top two team places at states in any division. Novice debate is for ninth and tenth graders, and this victory is added to the five varsity state titles that Barlow won in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

The unannounced topic for the day was whether or not internet firms should be compelled to pay users for user data they use. Students had just one hour to prepare cases for both sides.

While it was easy make the moral case that data belongs to you therefore you should be compensated for its use, the practical problem of cross-border enforcement and the fact that users agree to terms and conditions in return for access to social media platforms gave a 7-3 advantage to negative teams.

Still, Barlow’s novices managed to win all their affirmative rounds by talking about how in the status quo, tech companies don’t have any reason to do anything about the recent deterioration of privacy created by massive data breaches and unauthorized transfers of information.

Two key examples, the spectacular hack of Equifax along with the recent revelations about Cambridge Analytica which proved that Facebook routinely flaunts a 2011 consent decree together demonstrate that existing laws and court rulings have thus far failed to incentivize tech companies to create adequate safeguards for user data.

They likened the resolution to an update to HIIPA and other privacy statutes, adapting them to the age of social media and big data. Attaching a monetary price to data breaches and unauthorized sharing with third and fourth parties would force tech companies to be more careful and transparent.

Overall Barlow’s roster of ten qualifiers won ten of their fifteen debates at states. In varsity, senior veterans Elizabeth Hayman, Cara Krupnikoff-Salkin, and Melani Zuckerman with junior Charlotte Bridwell took half their rounds. Freshmen novices Spencer Squitieri and Matthew Zuckerman took one from Wilton in round 3.

Past and present came together as Barlow Debate alums Tim Lewis ’06, now a New York City high school teacher and Brendan O’Connor, a senior at Worcester Polytechnic came to help coach the team. Other team members including co-captain Madalyn Migliorino, Benny Viselli, Zach Shortt, Nate Laske, and Jason Brannan came to rally their team to victory and another alum, Bryan Coppinger ’17 joined them for a celebratory dinner.
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Foreground: Kyle Murray, Claudia Meyer, Melissa Colasante, & Greg Coleman

Ex Easton EMT released on bail

BRIDGEPORT -Eight days after he was arrested on gun charges for a second time – in two states- Christopher Barlow has been released from custody.

The former Easton EMT, who police said was found hiding a cache of bomb-making materials in the town’s emergency services building while he was under investigation for allegedly taking semi-nude photos of a female accident victim in the back of an ambulance, posted $25,000 bond.

“He was let out on bond here,” confirmed Easton Police Chief Timothy Shaw. “But I was told he was going back up to Massachusetts where he has a number of restrictions.”

Last month Plymouth County Massachusetts District Attorney Timothy Cruz put out a warning to the 27 police chiefs in his county when Barlow, who was charged there with impersonating a Homeland Security agent and stockpiling firearms and explosives made bail.

“Let me be clear again, Barlow has made no direct threats to public safety,” Cruz said at a subsequent press conference. But he acknowledged at the press conference that Barlow had visited a school in the area in violation of his release conditions.

In the Easton case, Barlow, 21, is charged with two counts of stealing a firearm, voyeurism, making a false statement and illegal alteration of records.

He is scheduled to be arraigned in Superior Court here on April 5.

In November 2015, Barlow, then a student at Sacred Heart University, was accepted into the live-in EMT program in Easton. As a member of the program Barlow attended classes in the morning and assisted on EMS calls during the evenings and early mornings.

While in the program Easton EMS officials received numerous complaints against Barlow but all the complaints were determined to be unfounded, according to the arrest affidavit.

Police said during an investigation of Barlow they uncovered several photographs and videos he had secretly taken.

They said some of the photos showed Barlow in the back of an ambulance removing the clothing of a woman who had suffered a head injury to reveal her naked chest, the affidavit states.

Police said Barlow also installed a hidden video camera in the men’s bathroom at Easton EMS and recorded his colleagues in various stages of undress without their permission.

On May 30, 2017, police said Easton EMS officials opened a locked cabinet Barlow had been using in the center’s garage and found more than six pounds of chemical powders and other materials to make a thermite bomb.

In Barlow’s bedroom in the center, police said they found an empty gun box, 9mm ammunition, the missing keys to a police vehicle, a stolen EMT badge and a Velcro badge reading, “Maritime Law Enforcement U.S. Coast Guard.”

Police said EMS officials later intercepted a package addressed to Barlow that contained three pistol bullet magazines.

Barlow was arrested at his Massachusetts home on June 26, 2017 on charges there. Police said Barlow had two handguns that had previously been reported stolen from an Oxford resident who had formerly worked at the Easton EMS center along with more chemicals and various badges including one from the Easton Police Department.