Day: March 22, 2018

Democrat Hughes Kicks Off Campaign

Sunday, March 18: Yesterday, on Sunday afternoon, Democrat Anne Hughes and a crowd of friends, family and supporters gathered at the Easton Public Library to kick off her campaign for state representative.

Attendees included State Representative Cristin McCarthy Vahey of Fairfield, who introduced Hughes at the event.  “Anne has demonstrated her commitment to social justice, vulnerable populations, building community and creating connections,” said McCarthy Vahey in her introductory remarks.  “She is a passionate advocate and we need her in Hartford!”

Hughes, a long-time activist and first-time candidate, recalled her first brush with politics in her remarks to the crowd. At the age of seven, affected by the horrors of the Vietnam war, she asked her mother if women would ever be required to go to war. Her mother advised her that they probably would, and if she was concerned she could write to President Nixon. “I received this letter back,” Hughes said. “It said ‘Thank you for your suggestion. May you earn the title peacemaker all the days of your life.’”

“This campaign is about amplifying all voices, including encouraging young people who are not yet voters and are outraged and engaged like I was at seven,” Hughes said. “Find your voice, find your power…may you too never let go of that taste of collective power, determination and will to change.”

Hughes believes that the solutions to the state’s deep challenges lie within the residents and resources that already exist in the state. “Together we will repair and rebuild our policies and opportunities,” she said in her remarks. Hughes emphasized the need for fair and equitable education funding that addresses the disparity between Connecticut’s cities, suburbs and rural communities. If we create the talent and opportunities in all of our communities, Hughes believes, we will grow our economy and prosper as a state.

Focused on running a citizens-led campaign, Hughes invited members of the crowd to come forward and express their priorities, concerns and hopes. Several participants came forward, and over the upcoming months the campaign will roll out an agenda that gives voice to those concerns and identifies solutions collectively.

“For the right to a fair, livable wage, gender parity for workers, the right to earned family medical leave and the right to good, affordable healthcare – if anyone can achieve this, we can,” said Hughes.  “Mom, you were right. When I grew up, women would be facing down guns of war, fighting for our country, for our democracy.  My name is Anne Meiman Hughes, reporting for duty.”

Hughes is a social worker at Jewish Senior Services, activist, seasoned organizational leader and community builder.  Hughes was born and raised in Fairfield, one of five daughters of Fairfield public school teacher Phil and Kay Meiman. She and her husband Tim live at the renowned Fiddledale estate in Easton. She is challenging incumbent Adam Dunsby to represent the 135th Congressional District in the Connecticut General Assembly, which consists of Easton, Weston and part of Redding.

Throw Kindness like Confetti PTA Raise Craze Fundraiser culminates on Friday

by Kristi Sogofsky

Raise Craze is a fundraiser built around kindness.  Students create custom websites where they request donations. In return for the support from family and friends, they complete acts of kindness for others. It’s an example of paying it forward. The kids can select from a list of suggested acts of kindness or create their own. They’ve done things as simple as holding a door for someone to shoveling for a neighbor. It’s all about their encouraging them to think about ways to be kind to others.


The fundraiser is at both Samuel Staples and Helen Keller. Kids earn incentives for both the number of kind acts they do and the amount of money they raise. The incentives are awarded to individuals, classes and grades. It also encourages working as a team to do the most good for your community.

We created a kindness wall at SSES where students write their acts of kindness of post-its and put them on the wall. The theme is to “throw kindness like confetti.”

A family service night on Tues, March 20 at HKMS.  Stations were set up for the kids to do acts of kindness for local organizations such as Brady’s Smile, the Easton Senior Center, Easton PD and FD, Mercy Learning Center and local refugee programs.


The culmination of the fundraiser will be on Friday, March 23.  As a reward for all their kind acts and all the money raised for the PTA, kids will have the chance to duct tape their principals to the wall. The principals and vice principals graciously agreed to participate. The five kids who raise the most money and complete the most acts of kindness earn five pieces of tape, while anyone who completes 25 acts of kindness gets one. Everyone else can donate to get pieces of duct tape to stick the principals to the wall.  It should be a fun event to celebrate the students’ success.

Our goal is to raise $35,000 to support the PTA and its mission to enhance the great work being done in our schools. With a week to go, our students have raised more than $20,000 and completed more than 500 acts of kindness.

Easton Police Activity Log Week 03-05-18 / 03-11-18

Total Calls:  349 Suspicious MV 12
Accident 2 Suspicious Person 3
Aided/EMS 11 Suspicious Activity 1
Alarm 15 Criminal Arrest 2
Animal Control 11 Summons 1
Assist other Dept. 2 Infraction 2
Fire Call 3 Written Warning 6
MV Stop 10 Verbal Warning 4
MV Theft 0 Theft from MV 2

Disorderly Conduct Arrest:
Uma Minvaeva
DOB: 1/18/1985
Martin Lane
Easton, CT

On March 5, 2018 Ms. Minvaeva was arrested for Disorderly Conduct after a verbal argument got out of control. She was given a court date of March 6, 2018.

Warrant Arrest:
Jennifer Mannetta
DOB: 10/01/1981
Graham Street
Stratford, CT

On March 5, 2018 the Milford PD notified the Easton PD that they had taken Jennifer Mannetta into custody for outstanding PRAWN warrants held by their Department.
The Easton PD held a warrant for Ms. Mannetta for Conspiracy to Commit Burglary in the 3rd Degree.

In early December, 2017, the Shelton PD caught a burglar, and his accomplice, Ms. Mannetta was forthcoming on information involving committing numerous burglaries, both commercial and residential across the state. The details provided by Ms. Mannetta matched up with that of the burglary committed at 349 Black Rock Road on November 1, 2017.

On March 6, 2018, the EPD Detective arrested Ms. Mannetta. She was given a court date of March 20, 2018 and released on a PTA back into Milford Police custody.

Larceny from MV:
On 3/5/18 3 reports of Larceny from MV where reported to the department.  Two of the incidents occurred on Far Horizon Drive, the other was Harvest Moon Road.