Month: January 2018

It’s Pizza time! Our Pizza Contest is Ready to Roll!

Are you ready to judge some pizza to find out who is the best in the area? The hello Redding team has approached close to 60 local places and we’ve put together about a dozen local places that have agreed to participate.

Here’s what you do! Send a check for $5 made out to Easton (or Redding) Social Services. You will receive a list of the participants including a discount offer coupon for each one. Try as many as you can and then return back your ballot (which will also be included with your coupons)

Each ballot will have a number on it. Each number will only have one vote. BUT! Each $5 donated to Social Services gets another ballot and another set of coupons.

Send your check to: Susan Winters, 50 Seventy Acre Road, West Redding CT 06896. Please write PIZZA on the envelope. Be sure to make out the check to Easton Social Services. I will deliver the checks directly so you can also get a tax deduction for the donation.  Please do not go into Social Services for the pizza contest because they do not have the coupons there.

At the end of the contest the ballots will counted and then winners drawn for FREE PIZZA!

Have a pizza from an old favorite or try something new!

BoS Meeting

The first Easton Board of Selectmen meeting of 2018 was held on January 18 in the  Town Hall Conference Room. Present were Adam Dunsby and Carrie Colangelo
Highlights of the meeting:
  • Adirondack Trail (the section from existing Adirondack Trail to Buttonwood Drive in Trumbull) was accepted into the Town road system.
  • Rachel Maciulewski was appointed to the position of Assessor effective February 1, 2018
  • Berchem Moses was appointed as counsel to provide legal advice to the 2017 Library Building Project.
  • The Easton Board of Selectmen supported a survey proposed by the Easton Redding Community Coalition.
  • Warning was given of a Special Town Meeting to be held within and for the Town of Easton on Monday, February 12, 2018, 7:00 p.m. at the Samuel Staples Elementary School cafeteria, 515 Morehouse Road,
  • The South Park Avenue Bridge renovation is affected by the Governor’s decision to put transportation projects on hold. The Town is awaiting clarification on the hold and what the ramifications will be on the project.