Day: January 1, 2018

Winter/Spring Classic Movie Series at the Library

The Winter/Spring Classic Movie Series at the Easton Public Library begins on Thursday, January 18th at 7:00 p.m. with the cult classic movie from 1943, I Walked With a Zombie, which was directed by Jacques Tourneur and stars Frances Dee.   In tribute to Frances Dee, there will be a special presentation by her son, Peter McCrea.  The film series continues on Wednesday, March 14th with the Howard Hawks 1939 masterpiece, Only Angels Have Wings, with Cary Grant and Jean Arthur.  On Wednesday, April 18th, the film series concludes with a Howard Hawks comedy from 1952, Monkey Business, starring Cary Grant and Marilyn Monroe. The film series is hosted by film historian and former Library Board of Trustees Chair Jon Sonneborn, and sponsored by the Easton Arts Council. Registration is suggested. For more information, please contact Lynn Zaffino at 203-261-0134, or via email at


The Easton Yarnsmiths is a group for knitting enthusiasts of all ages. Beginning on January 4th, 2018, at 5:00 p.m., the group will meet twice a month to work on personal and group projects as well as to share techniques, ask questions, and get to know one another.  All knitters of any age and level of experience are welcome.

Easton Yarnsmiths was born out of Knitting for a Cause, a service project that brought together women of all ages to create blankets for children in need.  The blankets were then sent to Project Linus, an organization that gives blankets to sick children and children in emergency situations, like floods, fires, foster care, and others.

Something else happened when these teens and adult women of all ages came together to contribute to the cause. These women, from age 9 to 96 – children, teens, young mothers, and grandmothers — found common ground through knitting. They shared stories and hints and helped those who were just learning how to knit. The program was designed for teens up through adults, but a young girl aged 9 asked if she could join in and she did. She learned how to knit, a skill and hobby she will have for a lifetime.

“This is a great opportunity to be part of helping people while doing what I enjoy. I was so glad I went because it was a lot of fun. It shows no matter how small our part is, we can make a difference,” says Helen Keller Middle School student Ashley Salvatore.

Even people who could not attend any of the three sessions contributed squares they had made at home. Members of the staff also helped to teach beginning knitters and also helped to finish the blankets by sewing them together and creating the finished edge. “What impressed me most was the enthusiasm and the number of people who responded. There were seasoned knitters and beginners, everything across the board. Everyone was happy to do something for children who needed something extra-special for themselves,” remarked Barbara Fitchen, a longtime Library employee and local Easton Resident.

Elizabeth Portillo, the Youth Services Librarian is pleased with the success of Knitting for a Cause. She proudly sent three completed blankets to Project Linus, and created a program that will continue what she started.   “It’s a unique opportunity for the community and the Library to have people of all generations come together for such a timeless and engaging pastime,” she says.  “It’s amazing to see it continuing beyond the first project.”


Midterm Study Nights

The Easton Public Library will be open until 10:00 p.m. on Thursday, January, 11th, Tuesday, January 16th, and Wednesday, January 17th to help Joel Barlow students prepare for their midterm exams. Food will also be provided.

“We’re pleased to be offering this opportunity to the students,” says Mary Beth Rassulo, Assistant Director/Head of Youth Services. “Midterms can be a stressful time for all involved, and we can help alleviate that during exam week with longer hours, food, and a comfortable place to study.”
Please register for each night so we can determine how much food to order. To register, please use the Library’s Online Event Calendar, or contact Elizabeth Portillo at 203-261-0134, or via email at